Gentle Acupuncture of Ballard, Seattle
$20-40* Pay what you can!
Plus one-time $15 set-up fee


Due to the COVID-19 crisis:

Virtual Visits begin after Easter. Services offered via video calls include Health Consultation and Past Life Healing and Holistic Freedom from Anxiety mentoring.

Contact us via email for voice mail to make your appointment. Online Appointment scheduling coming soon.

Feel free to join our Age of Coronius group on Facebook or check our Purple Dragon Community Acupuncture FB page for tips,  insights, and discussions to help you to remain well in mind-body-spirit during this crisis and beyond.


Purple Dragon is not offering acupuncture until further notice.


PLEASE STAY HOME TO KEEP YOURSELF AND OTHERS WELL. Be well and avoid being an invisible carrier.

~~If you need to see a medical provider: Please schedule a virtual visit with your MD or with Linda. Avoid going to ER or urgent care unless you are referred by an MD first.

Hospitals and medical clinics are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. The new procedure for medical care is for all patients to be screened (triaged) while they’re still at home. If you don’t have a primary care provider and would like to see one, then consider the UW Virtual Clinic, which is accepting non-UW patients as well as UW patients for virtual visits during this crisis.


~~When you needs groceries or other essential errands:

If you have cold or flu symptoms, then please stay home for at least 7 days after your symptoms begin and 72 hours (3 days) after your fever resolves without fever-reducing medication. PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU OR SOMEONE IN YOUR HOME HAS A FEVER, RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS, OR VISITED A MEDICAL FACILITY WITHIN THE PREVIOUS 14 DAYS.


**** CLICK HERE *** for an easy way to treat cold/flu at home with Guasha and Yin Qiao — Chinese medicine modalities that can lessen your symptoms or resolve a cold or flu virus altogether! Everyone should have this in their home remedy “toolbox”!  (No needles involved but you’ll need a spoon!)  NOTE: COVID-19 is not a flu but this guasha technique can be used to reduce the symptoms in mild/early stage. 



In addition to acupuncture, Linda is a Holistic Freedom from Anxiety expert who uses proven spiritual modalities to set you free from anxiety (forever). Contact Linda by phone or email for more info.

Linda offers Past Life Regression Therapy and readings of your Akashic Records to help you clear past life issues that cause anxiety and adversely affect your health, relationship, career, or financial issues, or to learn your life purpose, or simply to explore your soul’s history. Click the orange appointment button to schedule online or contact Linda to schedule for a time not listed online.

Our goal is to help you achieve peace, joy, comfort, and well-being naturally and holistically.

Linda Phelps, LAc, EAMP, MSA, Dipl Ac, Acudetox Specialist
Linda Phelps, LAc, EAMP, MSA,  Acudetox Specialist
  • Do you want to be free of pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depression, GI distress or other health issues?

Then we can help you!  Contact us or make an appointment online today.

In your soothing acupuncture treatment, you will relax fully-clothed in a reclining arm chair in a soothing space that’s more like a living room than a medical clinic. We will use Chinese meridian theory to stimulate points on your lower arms and lower legs, thereby activating your energetic meridians to treat health issues anywhere in your body. The group setting helps keep your cost low while also adding collective energy to enhance your treatment.

Purple Dragon Community Acupuncture is a social business, which is run much like a non-profit because we’re more about building community than making a profit. We rely on donations of items, time, and skills as a way of keeping our prices low. You may donate supplies or volunteer to help at the front desk or behind the scenes. Our volunteers get free acupuncture! Let us know if you’d like to volunteer or donate.

We are part of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), a rapidly growing cooperative of over 180 clinics like ours all around the country. POCA is a multi-stakeholder co-op (like Seattle’s PCC), meaning patients can join, get involved, and receive discounts. Learn more about becoming a POCA member or find clinics like ours across the continent.








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