Linda Phelps, LAc

Linda enjoys restoring your comfort and well-being with soothing gentle “needle naps”. She draws upon her medical education, clinical experience, and expert intuition to give you the perfect acupuncture treatment to melt away your symptoms. 


Linda treats a wide array of health conditions and also has several areas of special interest and expertise. Those areas are back & neck pain, muscle & bone injuries, anxiety, migraines, gout, gastrointestinal conditions, smoking cessation, paralysis caused by stroke, and performing arts medicine (musician and dancer injuries).

Her education includes Master of Science in Acupuncture at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA and Acupuncture Detox (NADA) at Lincoln Hospital in NYC. Linda is also a Past Life Regression Therapist, Holistic Freedom From Anxiety life coach, professional pianist, former high school choral director and college piano instructor.  

She was inspired to enter the field of natural medicine after suffering a severe extensive back and neck injury which didn’t respond much to mainstream medicine but greatly improved with acupuncture and other natural medicine modalities. 20 years after the car accident, Linda’s back and neck improved even more with past life therapy when she remembered being thrown from a horse in a past life.

Her husband’s strokes, heart attack, and paralyzing spinal cord injury as well as her own history of GI cancer and living with an ileostomy and debilitating back & neck pain have given Linda much first hand experience with chronic illness, disabling conditions, and caregiving. She is very empathetic to her patients’ concerns.