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Seattle, WA


Neck, sleep, blood pressure & jaw pain – all better!

When I began treatments with Linda at Purple Dragon,  I had been dealing with a very stiff neck for about  2 months. I was able to turn it only slightly either to the left or right and was afraid of the cumulative effects on my 66 year old body. I had tried chiropractic, hot packs and stretches without much change. All Linda said was “I can help you with that. It will take a while. It’s not instant.” I came 2x/week for the first two weeks, then once/week for the next 3 months. After the first 2 treatments my sleep improved, my systolic blood pressure number decreased and my jaw (having popped for decades) began to relax. Now I have a comfortable neck and my jaw no longer pops. It is wonderful to have this affordable community acupuncture clinic close by so that I can be preventative in my health care. I love coming to my needle nap in the cozy peaceful rooms.  -E.M., Seattle
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