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Seattle, WA


Acupuncture Happy Hour


beachTreat yourself to a Happy Hour for wellness!


during business hours

$5 for 20-30 minutes with our favorite ear points *


Soothing ~ Calming ~ Centering ~ Rejuvenating

A wonderful way to zone out and de-stress during your work week. It’s like a mini-escape to a tropical island for a nap on the beach!

• Calm your mind
• Relax your body
• Reduce stress
• Ease anxiety

You’ll receive stimulation of 2 points in your ears. It’s calming and grounding. Bring your favorite book or simply close your eyes and chillax!

* If you’re adverse to needles, just let us know you’d like non-invasive acupressure with “ear seeds” (vaccaria seeds) instead!

No need for an appointment. Happy Hour is walk-in only. 



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