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Stretches for Repetitive Strain Injuries

stretc9Simple effective stretches to relieve pain and discomfort in your shoulder, forearm, and fingers are featured on the Musician’s Health website with pictures for easy reference. Just click this link to see them:

The stretches (and the photo here at left) are from the book “Repetitive Strain Injuries: Alternative Treatments and Prevention” by Dr. Tim Jameson, DC. These stretches are not just for musicians. They are great for computer users and anyone who performs repetitive tasks as part of your job or hobby, even cooking. If you continue to engage in the tasks that caused the injury, then adding acupuncture to your care routine can bring significant relief and improvement to your shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, and fingers. Contact us if you would like to see how acupuncture can help your body feel more comfortable when performing repetitive tasks.


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