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Foot pain

Linda Phelps, LAc, has helped subside my Achilles tendonitis and Plantar fasciitis with acupuncture treatments. The pain in my heels was completely eliminated for several days after treatment, and inflammation went down as well in my Achilles so by body could heal itself. After a few more treatments I am nearly symptom free. I recommend acupuncture treatment with Linda! She

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Soothing bedside manner

Linda has such a soothing bedside manner.  She is very open, asks questions and really listens to what you have to say.  It is easy to relax because you just feel so comfortable around her.  With the main thing I asked her to focus on, I felt an immediate change, and it stayed with me for quite awhile.

– M.C., New York, NY

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Motion sickness

I have a history of suffering severe motion sickness. Thanks to Linda’s treatment, I was able to comfortably attend a family wedding aboard a rented yacht. I even took a few turns around the dance floor without any nausea or dizziness. It was amazing!

– J.G., Richardson, TX

Back pain

While helping lift a piano onto a stage, I suffered severe back pain and was taking pain medication. After acupuncture treatments by Linda, I did not have any pain and have not taken pain killers since. I would never have believed that acupuncture could work so well and so fast.

-N.E., Sacramento, CA

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