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Here is a growing list of high quality services and products that we highly recommend to our colleagues in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Most are resources that we use here at Purple Dragon. Click on a link or icon below to go to directly to the product or service to learn more.

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COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE Websites, Books, Classes

We can’t resist beginning this section with some acupuncture vocabulary that’s unique to the community acupuncture movement.

Community Acupuncture a.k.a. CA = Acupuncture made accessible to the working class. Affordable treatment in a group setting that is similar to how acupuncture is given in China. What is different than the China tradition is that patients remain clothed, usually  and receive needles in their lower legs, lower arms, and head only.

Punk = Short for “acupunk”, an acupuncturist who works in a community acupuncture clinic


People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA) is a global network of community acupuncture clinics and practitioners. Community acupuncture (CA) began in 2002 in Portland, Oregon, and now there are over 300 independently owned community acupuncture clinic across the USA and beyond. The POCA website below has a wealth of information, education, and resources including financial assistance for starting and running a CA  clinic.  Become a member, and you’ll have access to the practitioners’ forum, WIKI, and classes (online and brick & mortar), which can answer every question you might have, and more – from business issues to treatment protocols:

Join the POCA Facebook page to keep current on POCA news and issues:

Seattle has 11 clinics devoted to community acupuncture. We have joined together as Seattle Community Acupuncture Network (SCAN). Here is a map and listing of all the SCAN clinics:


Acupuncture is Like Noodles  (This book is required reading for community acupuncturists)

Why Did You Put That Needle There?


CA clinics treatment style uses head and distal points because patients remain fully clothed.  The most commonly used distal point systems in CA are those of 3 acupuncture masters – Dr. Miriam Lee, Dr. Richard Tan, and Master Tung.

About Dr. Miriam Lee:

Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist by Dr. Miriam Lee. This books describes usage of her highly effective 10 point protocol.

Dr. Richard Tan perfected a Chinese system of distal points called the Balance Method. Dr. Tan’s books:

Acupuncture 123

12 Magical Points

Dr. Tan website & classes:  (Join his forum!)

Master Tung Ching-chang has been referred to as “The greatest acupuncture technician who ever lived.” He was a traditional Chinese physician in Northern China famous for achieving miraculous and spontaneous results by using just a few needles. He perfected his own system of points.

Master Tung books:

Master Tung classes:

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We highly recommend electronic medical records for charting. We use Practice Fusion Free, comprehensive, and easy-to-use electronic medical records for charting, scheduling, and more. Say goodbye to paper charts and file cabinets! Click this pic to take a look or to try it out for free.

We recommend Appointy  for online appointment scheduling.  Free or inexpensive (choose your plan), easy to use. We use the “Appointy Plus” $9.99/mo plan. You can customize it as you wish. It sends automatic appointment confirmations and reminders to your patients.

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Kevin Doherty Books –  Kevin is a full-time acupuncturist and premiere acupuncture/complementary medicine business coach. His books are packed with useful and practical information to set you on your way to building a very successful practice, utilizing free or low-cost resources.

Build Your Dream Practice book (downloadable) by Kevin Doherty, LAc:

The Purpose Principle book (downloadable) by Kevin Doherty, LAc:



This book will blow your mind! It teaches you the unique mindset that is key to building a very successful medical practice. The most successful business owners in the country employ this mindset. It’s a way of open-minded positive thinking that goes beyond the Law of Attraction. Excellent book!
Busting Loose From The Business Game

Points for Profit (practice management tips, clinic forms, etc)

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The Secret: Harness the Law of Attraction to create a happy life and successful medical practice!

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