How to Set Yourself Free from Anxiety Using the Law of Attraction and Past Life Healing


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Here at Purple Dragon Community Acupuncture

7324 15th Ave NW

Join Linda Phelps, acupuncturist and Brian Weiss-trained past life therapist, to learn how to become free of anxiety forever while manifesting abundance in all areas of your life.

Linda’s unique and empowering 4-step Holistic Freedom from Anxiety process has brought awesome results to her students for over 4 years. Her comprehensive proven technique teaches you the real secret to putting the Law of Attraction into action while anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

In this incredible masterclass, you’ll discover:

~ How past life issues are the real Root Cause of your anxiety.

~ How to Release Past Life Blockages  to resolve your pattern of stress and anxiety.

~ How to connect with the spiritual realm and your natural spiritual gifts to Create the Life of your Dreams!

…..and you’ll experience
A Guided Past Life Regression so you can begin your journey to an anxiety-free life!


TICKETS: $35 available at the door or in advance at

Seating is limited so please get your ticket soon!